Color Switch Hack – Cheats for High Score & Unlimited Star Online

What is Color Switch game ?


Color Switch is a brand new puzzle game created by Fortafy Game. They only have two games so far the first one is Thug Worm which is released in 2016.

It already had in Google Play Store and Apple App Store in 2016.This game already reached over a million downloads from both stores since it’s release.

Color Switch Game Free to use:

Yes, it’s FREE it’s IAP app according to it’s called In-app purchase are those types of games which are provided free of charge, but you need money to charge for proprietary features in game online like functionality or virtual goods.

Color Switch IOS version (By Fortafy Games)

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

  • Version: 3.3.0
  • Size: 44.3 MB
  • Languages: English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
  • Seller: Fortafy Games DMCC
Color Switch Android version (By Fortafy Games) APK File
  • Version: 3.3.0
  • Size: 32MB
  • Installs : 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
  • Requires Android 3.0 and up
  • Offered By Fortafy Games

Color Switch Game Review:


I play a lot of puzzle games when I start playing the game I already reach race 5 for first few hours. What makes me love these game is the game play is completely new for me I never play games like this before.I spend so much time on this game to reach new level and new score without feeling bored. This game is Best puzzle games ever.You will be bowled by new way of graphic and gameplay provided in the game

Color Switch Hack Unlimited Star:


Do you want to reach Unlimited Star in Color Switch for Free? You come to right place We have tools which can help you reach Unlimited Star. This tools is very easy and quickly allow you to reach what’s ever score you want

It’s super simple to use. See the images below? Just follow the link enter the score you want and click “generate” you’ll get what you need with this tool. It’s an Online Tool you only need your username and we’ll generate your score.


Here is the result after 1 min playing using this tools


How to get Unlimited Star on Color Switch:

One of the main features of Color Switch Hack is unlimited Star. You will be able to fill your extra account Star very easily just by putting your username (of Color Switch). You can do Color Switch Hack multiple times with your same IP; our system will not detect it as unusual activity, only thing you should remember is do not use this hack more than two times a day to keep your account safe.

Feature of online tool Color Switch hacks:

• Get unlimited Star for your account
• Online tool has inbuilt Anti-ban script
• Online tool has inbuilt Anonymity scripts
• 100% Safe for Color Switch Accounts
• Uses Advance Php Hack Script to hack the Database
• Clean technology used, no virus no malware in your system

Here is the proof of high score screenshot in color switch when i use this scrip :


Color Switch For Free Iphone and Android Tutorial if you don’t know how to play it properly:

As you can see your mission is move the ball pass the circle with the right color of the ball to reach a new score.In this game they have a shop where you can buy new stuff and get new characters which will not let your get bored when you play your game.

You can get Unlimited Star with our tools here :

Download Here

If this tools doesn’t work you can contact us.But remember to check our my Privacy Policy before sending us your messages. If you have complain about copyright you can check my DMCA pages.